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Good Governance Guide

governance icon 5The Guide to Portfolio, Program and Project Governance (which is also called the Good Governance Guide) is written for the benefit of senior managers taking on a 3P Governance role – such as Executive Sponsor, Sponsor, Owner and Steering Committee member. It contains some easy to understand and follow practices designed to raise the overall effectiveness of Governance roles. The Guide takes the 3P Governance Framework to the next level of detail, describing the processes someone in a Governance role is expected to carry out.

Why is this Guide needed?

For many in a Governance role, the path to senior management has often by-passed a hands-on Project Management role. This means their understanding of projects and project management is often lacking, as evidenced by their behaviours. For example, if senior management truly understood project dynamics, then their collective decision making would be highly efficient, and decisions would rarely be put on hold. Further, the conversations they initiate with Project Managers are often naïve, and they sometimes lack true understanding of what makes for successful projects.

Yet we know that of all the factors influencing project outcomes, none is more than important than Governance.

This Guide, then, sets out to advise those in a Governance role of how to be highly effective in those roles.

How is the Guide structured?

The Guide is comprised of the following chapters:

Principles of good governance - what we can learn from Corporate Governance.

Understanding 3P Governance: Key Roles

Understanding Success: Beyond The Golden Triangle

The Role of Governance In Delivering Success

How To Structure An Effective Steering Committee

Key Governance practices across the project life cycle

The Ten Best Governance Behaviours

The Guide can be easily modified to align with your organisation's standards and terminology.

How do I obtain a copy of the Guide?

All clients engaging K&M for Governance consulting may purchase a copy of the Guide.


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